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Videos from the 80´s and 90´s:

> Live in der Saxopete am 23.02.1984drums: Matthias Rumpf _ bass: Michael Schürmann_piano: Harry Neukirch_"When the cookiejar is empty"

> ARD-TV Jackpot im September 1986 drums: Rudi Marhold _ bass: Michael Schürmann_piano: Thomas Hufschmidt_"There is no greater love"

> WDR3-TV am 11.Mai 1988drums: Rudi Marhold _ bass: Bodo Klingelhöfer_piano: Frank Chastenier_"Shine on your shoes"

> WDR-TV "Talentschuppen im WWF" Januar 1989:

drums: Rudi Marhold _ bass: Michael Schürmann_ piano: Hubert Nuss_"Cats"

> SWR-TV  am 18. April 1992: drums: Jürgen Peiffer_ bass: Michael Schürmann_piano:Hubert Nuss_saxes: Peter Weniger_"It ain´t necessarily so"  und "Lullaby of birdland"

Videos on Jazz for fun

           Live in Recklinghausen / Konstanz - "Jazz Downtown":


 video - mix    (feat. "vocopete" )


  video - vocopete Live



Round Midnight - feat. scat & vocopete

"Round Midnight" - feat. scat & vocopete

     "Michael sings with …"

        ... Chick Corea: Got A Match

        ... Brasshoppers Bigband



Duo - Konzerte: 

      Jazz for 2

Band - Konzerte: 

          Jazz for Clubs 


Band - Konzerte:

Jazz for Clubs 

michael finthammer & the groove