Current project: jazz - duo

Michael Finthammer & Marc Brenken

 photo: Marc & Michael

Duo- concert motto 2023:

          "Sometimes it's Jazz - Sometimes it's more!"

This duo doesn't just appeal to jazz fans: With their varied mix of standards, original compositions, blues and soul titles, Michael Finthammer and Marc Brenken cover a wide repertoire.

Craftsmanship and talent for improvisation bring the two across in a refreshingly relaxed way, and with so many new German text versions of famous songs it is difficult to suppress a smile.

When the "Vocopete", Finthammer's astounding vocal imitation of a muted trumpet, sounds, no eye stays dry. Versatile entertainment that also takes jazz newcomers along.

You will find examples in this video >


- Michael Finthammer: vocals, guitar, percussion, composition and vocopete, ...
https://soundcloud.com/user963018104      michael on YouTube

Michael Finthammer, concerts and albums with the NDR Big Band, Jiggs Whigham, Silvia Droste, Peter Weniger, Hubert Nuss, Frank Chastenier and under his own name; various radio and TV appearances with his own quartet.

- Marc Brenken: piano, hammond-organ, melodica, composition, ...

Marc has released 7 albums, mostly with his own compositions, toured in Europe, Lebanon and Mongolia, in 2011 First Jazz Prize Ruhr, in 2013 he founded the series "Jazz for the People" with over 300 concerts since then.

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