Current project: jazz - duo

Michael Finthammer & Marc Brenken

 Photos Yavuz Arslan

Duo- concert motto 2023:

          "Sometimes it's Jazz - Sometimes it's more!"

This duo doesn't just appeal to jazz fans: With their varied mix of standards, original compositions, blues and soul titles, Michael Finthammer and Marc Brenken cover a wide repertoire.

Craftsmanship and talent for improvisation bring the two across in a refreshingly relaxed way, and with so many new German text versions of famous songs it is difficult to suppress a smile.

When the "Vocopete", Finthammer's astounding vocal imitation of a muted trumpet, sounds, no eye stays dry. Versatile entertainment that also takes jazz newcomers along.

You will find examples in this video >


- Michael Finthammer: vocals, guitar, percussion, composition and vocopete, ...
https://soundcloud.com/user963018104      michael on YouTube:

- Marc Brenken: piano, hammond-organ, composition, ...

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Marc's Discographie

see https://marcbrenken.com